Sunday, February 17, 2008

The FUN has arrived!!!

It is my privilege to announce some guest bloggers: Please welcome..... Mom and Britt!!!!

Actually, the FUN was already here in London; that's who we came to see! After a long but not-so-bad trip, we were greeted by our resident tour guide, Meg. She came with gifts and a plan.The wonderfully small hotel room!

Her plan was to keep us awake, which she did by alternating snacks and sights (and a little shopping). Portobello Road, lunch at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens, browsing in Harrods, and Covent Garden. We liked the strategy and stayed up all day.

This morning we headed straight to Hyde Park to exercise. Then, we got ready and went to the Tower of London. The highlight was definitely the Crown Jewels.

Then we embarked on a "short walk" to the Globe, which meandered a little bit more than we were expecting.

After we saw the Globe, we crossed the Millennial Bridge, over to St. Pauls.

Finally, we ended up in our favorite place to hang out(so far)--Covent Garden. We browsed, then had a delicious meal at Bella Italia.

Meg has been a wonderful guide/hostess and we love being here with her!Obviously we needed a Ben's Cookie! Or maybe two...Hooray for Harrods!Mom and Britt.. very scared of the crack!This meal actually was very good...I just made it look gross.


Jessica said...

You all look like you are having such a great time! I love the cute scarves that you are all wearing!

Megs did you get a haircut? Your hair looks way cute. I went to SmartCookie on valentines day just for you. Thanks for the suggestion. It was great! We must go there sometime when you get back!

I'm so excited to see your mom and Brittany when they get back! Have lots of fun this week. I love you all! :-)