Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mummsy and Popsicle

They're here! They're finally here! It was so exciting to go meet Mom and Dad at Victoria Station. They didn't even look tired! After we checked in at our hotel, we were off! We had a fun filled day of browsing around the National Gallery we walked around Piccadilly and eventually found ourselves at Harrods. We spent some exciting time inside Harrods, and also had a delicious dinner in the famous Food Halls.

Just outside of Harrods after we came up out of Knightsbridge

Enjoying some gelato!
We'll take one of everything please!It may have been slightly embarrassing for Mom and Dad when the gelato worker at Harrods gave me a hug, and asked me if they were my parents. It may be a sign that I spend too much time there, but that's just impossible!

This morning we got up and went to Borough Market over by Tower Bridge. It was so much fun! We had some great food, and all three of split a steak sandwich, tried chocolate of sorts, and of course Dad had some olives. I thought it was going to be the highlight of the day until we walked ourselves down Tottenham, through Foyles, up Leicester Square, into Covent Garden, over to Piccadilly, up Regent Street, and in to Carnaby Street (a wonderful world of shopping). Somewhere in there we ate lunch at Wagamamas. We had so much fun together, and I quickly remembered what great shoppers Mom and Dad are!Mom and me standing in front of a giant brownie at BoroughHungry?

Me and Padre at Wagamamas
I love ya bro!
The best parents ever! Just crossed Millenial Bridge, and headed to St. Paul's Cathedral
London baby!

Final Days at the Centre

This past week has been so busy, fun, relaxing, and also hard to say goodbye to the centre and all my friends. Finals ended on Wednesday, and so we celebrated from Wednesday until everyone left Friday morning. We went to Harrods, did a farewell walk, ate too much chocolate, and tried to help each other cram twice the amount we came with back into our suitcases. Living in London has been an experience of a lifetime! I have loved making new friends for life, and learning how to live in a big city! Everything about this experience has been nothing short of incredible. Now, I get to travel with my parents, YAY!