Saturday, February 23, 2008


Thursday morning, seven other girls and I left at six am for Ireland! The minute we arrived, we started seeing the sights. Our hostel, The Bunkhouse, was located just off O'Connell Street. We were within walking distance of everything. For lunch, we ate in the Temple Bar District. I quickly realized that Dublin is a town of beer and of people who drink beer. After a delicious meal, we went and saw Christ Church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then walked a ways to the Guinness Factory.The Ireland girls at the train station headed for the airport.Welcome to Dublin!Inside the St. Patrick's Cathedral. Christ Church Cathedral.Welcome to the Guinness Beer Factory!The end of the Guinness Tour ended at the bar on top of the factory. It is said to be the best view of the city. Instead of enjoying my free pint of Guinness, I opted for a refreshing Diet Coke.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and left at six for our tour and got back to Dublin at 11 that night. A train took us about three hours out of Dublin, and from there we hopped on a bus. Our first stop was at Bunratty Castle. This was one of the coolest castles I've seen! I walked all throughout it and saw secret passageways and banquet halls where they still host huge Irish feasts and only use their hands to eat. Sign me up! From there, we stopped in Doolin and ate lunch at a pub. We ate only the best fish and chips with Irish oat bread. Yum!

After lunch we were on our way to the Cliffs of Moher. The Atlantic Ocean hits up onto the Cliffs which made for an extremely windy and misty experience. I have to say seeing the Cliffs was a highlight for me. They are absolutely beautiful. On our way back to the train station we stopped in Gallway, we were able to walk much closer to the coast here. Ireland Railway Tours was the way to go!The official entrance of Bunratty Castle.Yeah that's right, I'm in charge.Eating lunch in Doolin.Gus O'Connor's was delicious! It's a little walk up to this point on the Cliffs, but it was worth every step!The Cliffs of Moher.The Cliffs is probably the windiest place I have ever been! We took PLENTY of windy pictures!
Meet my twin, Eskimo Meg.Kristen and me, trying not to blow away.Hello... is anybody in there?Me and Liz, looking for a hairstylist. This is Gallway, Ireland. Every April flowers sprout through the cracks of these rocks, and is said to beautiful.

Saturday, we walked around Trinity College, and hungout in Temple Bar. There was a huge Rugby match this weekend between the Scots and the Irish, so Temple Bar was flooded with Scots in their kilts and flasks. After lunch, I did a little souvenir shopping.Welcome to Temple Bar District.One of many pubs.This is the real deal, THE Temple Bar.
No need to worry, I decided on a different souvenir.

Ireland was an absolute blast! I loved every minute of it!


Britt said...

Hey! Mom and I got home last night. We had so much fun with ya and we had a blast in Paris, too. I miss you already!

Dublin looks sweet! Way to pack in tons of sightseeing in that short time.