Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines from London!

The BYU Centre is the place to be on Valentines Day! Yes, I wore my new red pants in honor of St. Valentine. I had class today in the V&A and apparently so did Antonio Banderas. There is a temporary exhibit up "Out of the Ordinary" that I drew in for a few hours, and for Conceptual Art we met on Brick Lane. Brick Lane is full of art shows and expressions on buildings, fences, the street, basically anything outside is fair game to display artwork! Aside from the fact that it was freezing cold, it was fun to venture up there! Plus, I had chicken kerma and nan from Sweet and Spicy, and I liked it!Happy V Day to my pants! Meg and Nicole waiting for class to start in the V&A.A random wall on Brick Lane where the sophisticated art of BYU Conceptual Art students will be spray painted and tagged on this very wall. We'll see how that turns out.Me and Kaitlyn freezing on Brick Lane.My cute roommate Anna made me a Valentine, and the biggest Cadbury egg EVER! It sealed our friendship. This is where we all eat each morning and night, and we decorated for Valentines!


Britt said...

We are waiting for you at our hotel...come get us to RUN!

I would also like to wish your red pants a Happy Valentines.