Saturday, March 1, 2008

Countryside Hike

Today has been one of my favorite days here in England! We got on a train early this morning t to Kent. When I first got here in January, one of the members of the Stake Presidency announced that he wanted to take anyone who wanted to go on a ten mile hike through some of England's beautiful countryside. Kent is known as the "Garden of England". It is absolutely beautiful! It definitely was more of a walk than a hike. We walked ten miles through fields, hillsides, farms, golf courses, neighborhoods, and little neighborhoods. For a minute I felt like I was in the canyon!Just getting started.Me and Rocky enjoying some sun.Yay for the only U students: Soj, Anna and Me!A golf course, this is for you dad!Endless countryside.We ate lunch at some very old castle ruins along the way. Betsy, me, Kaitlyn, Soj, and Alyssa enjoying lunch.More beautiful countryside.Yet another old castle we came across.Someones backyard that we crossed through.We stopped in a small local boutique shop, and got ginger beer (don't worry, our Stake President here had it too). Everyone loved it - but me!Enjoying some frozen fruit.Absolutely everything about this walk through Kent was lovely. I loved it!

We finally got home around 6, and to make a good day even better, me and some friends went to Wagamamas for dinner. Yum!

Friday, February 29, 2008


Our day trip this week was to Shakespeare's birthplace. Stratford is about three hours outside of London. We left bright and early, and pulled up to Anne Hathaway's (Shakespeare's wife, not the actress unfortunately) cottage around 10. We took a tour of her home. Although they were married, Shakespeare worked and lived in London, and she remained in their home town. After a tour of her cottage (which took all of 1 minute), we went to Shakespeare's birth home. In case you were wondering, Shakespeare was born in 1564. Soj, Me, and Liz, just around the corner from Anne Hathaway's cottage.Liz, Kaitlyn, Soj, Me, and Alysa in the garden of Anne Hathaway's and Shakespeare's.Shakespeare's home.Inside Shakespeare's birth home. Me and Soj having such a great time!

The entire town thrives on Shakespeare's life, and all the tourists who come to pay tribute to the legendary playwright. After I walked around the town, we met at one of the theatres there and saw Henry IV. I'm going to be honest, it may have possibly been the longest play I've ever seen. Also, I brought my camera, but left the battery charging in the wall, so I got these pictures from other people. I hate not having my camera with me! Oh well, it was probably good to give it a day off!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The National Gallery

Drawing class met at the National Gallery today. The Gallery is located right in Trafalgar Square. One of the coolest parts of the Gallery is the interior which lies in the overall layout and architectural quality of the building itself.

Another thing I love about the museums here is almost all of them are free admission. My favorite painting in the Gallery is Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I would have taken my own picture of it, but it was being closely watched. Trafalgar Square!Statue in the Square. This was on the cement in front of the Gallery. Several chalk artists sit in the Square and work during the day.

It was such a nice day in London today. In other news, the London Police called me twice today regarding the theft of my purse. They didn't have any great news to tell me other than that if they find anything of mine they'll give me a call. So far everything is working out to be okay!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad bad bad day turns out not too bad after all

Last night after family night, me, Rocky, and Sarajane went out to get hot chocolate. We walked down to a Starbucks, and I hadn't been in there too long before my purse got taken right from under me! Some creepo decided to steal my purse right off me. Naturally, I freaked out - I ran home (practically flew) and called my parents. Within minutes everything had been canceled and taken care of. After they calmed me down, and my dad reassured me that I would be fine without an actual credit card for a few days, everyone here said a prayer and then went to see if they could find any parts of my purse/wallet near the Starbucks. Although there was no luck, I still appreciated the effort. Before I knew it, my favorite candy, hobnobs, and cookies were showing up on my bed from all my friends! Several people offered to lend me money until I was able to get my own (which has already been taken care of :) )

This morning after class, I came back to my room to see a brand new Diesel purse, exactly like the one that got stolen, sitting on my bed. Rocky, Sarajane, and Liz went and got me a new purse right when the store opened this morning! Oh wait there's more - they stocked the inside of it too! Something so horrible ended up to be not so bad after all. I feel so lucky to have such great friends here, and especially amazing family at home. It could have been much worse - my passport or my camera could have been in my purse as well. I am lucky, it could have been worse! I bet the person who stole it probably looks like this.