Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's about time I blog again... especially since we're married now! August 11, at 11am Thayne and I were wed :) It was such a wonderful few days of celebrating and I'm happy to announce that everything went really well! Now, if I only had pictures to post! My wonderful photographer Duston Todd only shoots film, which mean It will be awhile before I see the images (boo!). But, I've stolen the two pictures that I've seen from our BIG day off my mom's blog - and am so excited to see more!!
Fresh outta the temple!
Our first dance :)
BRIDALS! Thanks to my wonderful team of hair makeup and dress crew (Mom and Britt), the Salt Flats was such a fun place to shoot! Plus we had like 10 ginorm balloons and tiny Britt had to sit in the back of the suburban surrounded by them on all sides. Good times!