Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hampton Court

This morning I got on a train at Waterloo train station, and went to Hampton Court. Hampton Court is home to Henry VIII's State Apartments. Today was absolutely freezing cold and foggy, but it was still so much fun!Crossing the bridge from the train station over to Hamtpon Court Palace. Foggy!In Hampton Court, about to start my exciting audio tour!You would think that we asked for a picture with her - but no she asked if we would take one with her.Henry VIII's dressing room.The Center of the Palace.The foggy gardens.Me and Soj on the train ride back.

We hurried back from Hampton Court because this weekend everyone has free travel, and that means I'm headed to Ireland in a few hours! I'll blog about it all when I get back!


Britt said...

You're still cute!!! Thanks for being the best tour guide, I had a blast with you. We are alive in Paris and having tons of fun, but it would be much better if you were here!!!

Oh yeah, we had dinner at Laduree last night...just thought you'd liek to know:-)