Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks Soj for the Tag!

TaDa!! My first tag-

  • something that makes me happy right now: the bag of London candy specifically REVELS sitting on my bed when i got home work!
  • favorite item on my Valentines menu: Oreo shake (on any menu)
  • looking forward to: being an AUNT for the first time!
  • something I don't want to pay for right now: Gas
  • something I dread: my laundry
  • currently reading: five textbooks, and the Historian.
  • Favorite trip in the last year: London/Ireland/Paris/Germany
  • something I wish I could master: Photography
  • best hair conditioner: Pureology Color Care (purple bottle)--totally agree Soj!
  • best thing in my mail today: A Nordstrom bill with credit :)
  • Love or Hate Valentine's Day: LOVE it!
  • I am on a kick of: TurboJam
  • a luxury for me would be: Torrey Pines vacation every now and then
  • time of day I look forward to most: Being done with school, and headed home to relax!
  • current favorite song : SnowPatrol
  • if I could go shopping right now, I'd buy: A new handbag (petunia pickle bottom, or MARC by Marc Jacobs yellow tote (in my dreams), inspiring swimsuit, and always SHOES, and a few v necks)
  • something I want to do more of: ski, snowmobile, and workout
  • least favorite thing of the past week: 5 tests in 3 days.
  • glad that: I have a new computer!
  • love: Oreo shakes and working out - - it's gotta balance out
  • TAGGED: Mom, Eden, Britt (start your blog already!!)