Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Luck Elder DAN!!

Daniel good luck!! We all love you and are so excited for you to serve in Taiwan! Good luck and we love and support you!

The WEST Coast!

I just got back from the West Coast, which means a long drive up to Clovelly, Penzance, and Cornwall! The trip was scheduled for last week, but because of the hurricane it got moved to this week. We're lucky it was moved because it was great weather along the coast these past few days. Our first stop was at Clovelly. Clovelly, is a quaint little town along the coast that you have to walk down in to. This is where I had the best scoop of ice cream ever, and put my shoe, not my foot, in the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously that wasn't on purpose.Welcome to the small town of Clovelly.Meg and Sabrina walking down to the coast of Clovelly. Me, Betsy, and Liz climbinb down a sketchy ladder to get to the coast.The best ice cream EVER! I got honeycomb something, and it was so good!Hooray for the Atlantic Ocean, and wet shoes!Making my way to Tintagel.After Clovelly we went to Tintagel. Tintagel is located in Cornwall, England. Tintagel is linked to the King Arthur Legend, marking it at his birthplace. How exciting! The ruins along the hike of Tintagel.

After we finished hiking, I got a famous Cornwall pasty. It was really good, and also really hot, and therefore burned my mouth. That night we went to our hostel in Penzance. Hostels are always interesting, and this one wasn't too bad. I felt like I was sleeping in a crib because my bed was so small, but other than that we had a lot of fun there. The next morning we went on a five mile hike along the coast of Penzance (where Pirates of Penzance was filmed). It was so beautiful and so much fun! The hike took a few hours, and ended at Land's End.
After Penzance, I went to the Eden Project. The Eden Project has more than 1,000,000 plants in one location representing over 5,000 species from different climatic zones throughout the world. Eden has two gigantic biomes, one is a rainforest biome, and the other a Mediterranean. They are the biggest conservatories in the world.The Biomes!Inside the Rainforest Biome.
The next morning, before we headed home, we stopped at St. Michael's Mount. St. Michael's in an island that you can walk to when the tide is low. On the island is a medieval castle. We walked along the causeway, but did not go up to the castle. It was so much fun!The island of St. Michael's.Me and Soj, playing on the beach!I can't lie, it was really cold the last morning along the coast and at St. Michael's. I was happy to get back on the bus. This was a jam-packed, fun-filled, busy trip, and I had such a great time!