Monday, February 18, 2008

Cornelius Style

It's been another fun-filled, jam packed, Tirb-O charged, crazy day in London with Mom and Britt! It is so much fun to have them here! Since there is so much to see, we got another early start this morning! After we walked up and down Regents Street (only because I got us lost) we bought tickets to see Sound of Music at the London Palladium Theatre. We got there right when the ticket booth opened, which means we got front row tickets at an awesome price!Britt and Mom being super patient with me as I took them down Regent Street not knowing that we were walking farther and farther away from the box office where we needed to buy tickets.

From there, we headed up to the British Museum, where we saw the Rosetta Stone, among many other impressive pieces. That was by far the most impressive thing we saw there. From there we headed up to King's Cross where we walked to the British Library. Yet another highlight! We saw original manuscripts of Leonardo Da Vinci's journals, Shakespeare, Jane Austen's Charlotte Bronte, the original Alice in Wonderland, the Magna Carta, the Beatles songs, and Handels Messiah. Cool! If you can guess Britt loved the library!The British Museum welcomes us!The Rosetta Stone.Trying so hard to get to Hogwarts!These are the originals scraps that the Beatles wrote lyrics on from some of their most popular songs!

We went to Wagamama for lunch, and we took a quick pass through Camden Town so they could see where the big fire was. As if we hadn't already seen enough we went to South Kensington and stopped in at the V&A to see the famous fashion exhibit. We walked from there along Brompton Road to Harrods. Harrods was just as we left it the day before, so that's good news. Since all of us could barely feel our legs, we went back to their hotel and took a little power nap before the play. Giving Britt a nice look for taking tired tube pictures of me.

Sound of Music was such a great play! The front row was such a fun place to be, I didn't even fall asleep. My mom especially enjoyed the play, but then again...she always enjoys everything! We accomplished so much today, maybe tomorrow we should just shop!Walking around in Oxford Circus just before the play.The hills are alive...Bundled up and ready to shop!


MISS RANDI said...

GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! It looks like you gals are having a ball of a time. Reg your bangs look so darn cute. I love them. Way to go all out. Change is good. It is so crazy that your fam is with you right now. I am so ding-dang jealous, but know that I will see you in less than two months. therefore, I am staying sane. Love ya reg. One week baby..if you are picking up what I am putting down :)

gramakas said...

I am so happy for the 3 of you! What a super fun time to have your mom and sister there for a few days! It soooooo makes me want to go hop on a plane to somewhere fabulous!! ENJOY!