Saturday, January 26, 2008

High Tea Anyone?

Every day is a new adventure in London. Today we went to Portobello Road. One of the most famous markets in London, it took us well over an hour to make it from one end to the other! The street was crowded with people, antiques, booths, fresh fruit, fish and chips, all kinds of food, vintage clothing, and so much more! I can definitely say one of my favorite things here are the markets, especially on Saturdays. This Portobello Road on a Saturday afternoon!This is a crowded pub down Portobello, and I didn't even know they served my wine!The Hummingbird Cafe - located in the market, sells their famous red velvet cupcakes, which rival Sprinkles and Magnolias. I changed my mind, nothing beats Magnolias. Rhubarb. Londoners love rhubarb... and so does London. They sell it fresh at markets, and in yogurt and candy and pies. I'm not quite sure if I like it or not.

After we made our way out of the market, a couple of us decided to go find T.S. Elliot's home. We walked in circles for awhile, but finally found it! Had we not gotten lost, we would not have seen his wife Valerie Elliot come out of their flat, just as we were taking pictures under the sign. That was especially cool!
This is the home where T.S. Elliot lived, and wrote Wasteland. It's a really nice area, and just to the right of me are the front doors where his wife came out.

We walked back through the park, passed Kensington Palace, and made the brilliant decision to stop and have noon tea at the Orangery Cafe which is located directly behind Kensington Palace. This was so much fun! The Orangery is an old beautiful building, and was full of tea drinkers, and pastry eaters. FUN!The walkway up to the Orangery Cafe.Now I feel like a Londoner. Peppermint tea with an English Scone.


Mummy said...

Three girls have their cups up and one girl has her cup down!!! Up and Down.

kelleyb6706 said...

Megan, this looks like so much fun. Are you studying or partying? Can I come. It was fun to see these.

Kelley Bollinger