Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny Sabbath

Today was South Kensington's Branch Conference. To be honest, I can't say that meant too much to me, because the majority of it was in Portuguese. However, it was neat to see a larger congregation at sacrament, and meet the Stake Presidency. The Stake President's wife invited me and Betsy over for dinner tonight, but we have our Religion on Sunday nights. It would have been fun to go eat dinner with them! I am quickly learning that having a calling in Primary is not as easy as it sounds. There are three kids in my sunbeam class; Pedro, MariaEduarda, and Winifred. They are so much fun!Taking pictures was the only thing they wanted to do once I showed them my camera. Taking pictures was their reward for being good!MariaEduarda, Pedro, and Winifred.I look so stylish when I walk to and from church.

The walk on the way back was so pretty. The sun was setting, and the weather was great.
The walk on the way back was absolutely gorgeous. The last few sunsets here have been awesome.
This is a small area of the park that was filled with rollerbladers and people having picnics.


Jessica said...

Have fun in Paris. I'm sure there will be great treats there too! :-)

Britt said...

Oh, those kids must love you!! How cute! Hope you have the best week in Paris!

MISS RANDI said... best behave yourself in Paris. Dont get too crazy! And by crazy I mean go shopping crazy...and by shopping I mean you better buy some cute things, just keep it to a minimal so that you have enough money for the rest of your time in European country. KA PEESH! Thats just bestie advice :) Boy do I have stories for you. I cannot wait until you get back so that we can skype. Love ya girl

David said...

this is catherine again... (not dave) i have to stop looking at your blog. jealousy is one of the cardinal sins, isn't it?? just kidding, i love seeing london vicariously through you. so if you have a sunday calling, does that mean that you can't travel on sundays? how does that work? have fun in gay paree and tell me when you're going to italy.

gramakas said...

Megan I'm so excited for you to be in London for a whole semester!!! You will be having experiences you will teasure your whole life! I found out today from your mom at the neighborhood quilt group that you are over there. When I was at BYU I did a semester in Salzburg, Austria and it was fabulous!! I hope you won't mind me living vicariously through you this semester! Have soooooooooo much fun!!!