Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is it ART?

It's Thursday - which means art class all day. My drawing class was held in the British Museum. We worked on our gesture and contour drawings. Everything went well except for that I lost my new eraser in the Museum. Drawing until 12, and my other art class started an hour later. I grabbed a quick pb and honey sandwich, which has become a regular for lunch, then headed off to the Tate Modern Museum for my conceptual art class. The Tate exhibition brings together three of the greater figures of twentieth-century art; Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Francis Picabia. These artists and many more are featured here.
This is the Millenial Bridge. It goes across the Thames River. It is very modern looking. In the background is St. Paul's Cathedral.Kristen and Me walking across the Millenial Bridge. It was so cold!Thames River. Outside of the Tate.This giant crack in the floor, is the first piece of art you see when you walk in the Tate Modern. Strange? The artist hopes it will encourage us to confront discomforting truths about our world and about ourselves with absolute candidness and without self-deception. Me, laying across the crack! I know, it's an extremely clever picture.It is a big crack, really!


BethAnn said...

gems, it looks like you are having a blast. you're too cute. we love you.

meg said...

beth-what is up!! you just made my day, seeing your name! how are things? I love you guys!

Britt said...

Nice jacket.

Can we go see the giant crack?

Mummy said...

The chocolate obsession continues!!! Good job!