Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Wonderful World of Harrods

This morning a bunch of us went and played a game of American soccer in Hyde Park. One word - MUDDY! It was so much fun! After the game, I decided to take a small break from all of the recent museum going, and instead took the day for wandering around Covent Gardens and Harrods. This is one of the smarter moves I've made. CG was filled with Londoners enjoying their lunch break at the many fun cafes and restaurants. After an exciting purchase in The North Face Store (thanks dad :) ), I stumbled upon many other exciting stores (Mexx, Camper, Paperchase, Whistles, Ben's Cookies, etc.) before we went to Harrods. I've decided that Harrods is a museum itself, and therefore should be revisited several times. Instead of walking through different time periods or galleries, you walk through different departments and fitting rooms.This guy was holding on to this rail, standing over the ledge, leading down to the bottom level of Covent Gardens. He was singing opera, and was actually pretty talented.We stumbled upon the "Chocolate Bar" on the second floor of Harrods on our adventure. Of course we stopped in for some hot chocolate, which was delicious!The menu is simply inspiring.Mom and Britt, your sack is on the left. The one on the right is mine.

Tonight the whole group went to the opening night of The Importance Of Being Earnest. This is probably the funniest play I've ever seen. I didn't fall asleep either, which says something too! Just before we went into the play.This is me and Megan during intermission. She also happens to be my bunk mate.


Britt said...

You could have a lucrative (and fun) career as a personal shopper! Just kidding. Thanks!! ALSO you seriously look so cute in all your pictures...London agrees with you!

Mummy said...

You look great!!!! I love your new scarf collection. I am glad you are having fun! I don't think you are getting enough chocolate though.

Sarajane Brewer said...

This was the best meg and soj day ever! I think we need another day at Harrods. Finding some cute nail polish. And guess what tomorrow is....FREAKY FRIDAY along with FRENCH BRAID FRIDAY!