Sunday, January 20, 2008


Just as I was sitting down for sacrament today, I was asked to come up and speak for a few minutes after the sacrament was given. Excuse me? No hablo espanol. During the sacrament, I tried to think of some things I could say to the congregation in Spanish. Before I knew it, I was up there speaking. I talked for about five minutes, and probably one minute of that was an attempt at Spanish.

They decided to move me to primary as well. SUNBEAMS! Hyper sunbeams. So from now on, I'll be in primary. There are three kids in my class; Pedro, Winnie, and Eduardas.


MISS RANDI said...

congratulations! holy shmokes! It does not surprise me that you pulled it off. I'm so glad that my bestie is bilingual. Reg, I miss you girl! You look darling in your church outfit. So I just have to tell you. I met Josh Hartnett last night, well actually hugged him and got a pic with him!! Can you believe it?! And we saw Paris Hilton right in front of us. She waved to us. I freaking wish you were there. We were up at Sundance by the way. I cant wait to go next year with you. It is a hoot! Everyone is dressed in ther mink coats. Oh and when we talk tomorrow, we need to talk some business. I need to throw an idea out there....but we need to mutually agree. I will talk to you in about 12 hours. I think that is the time we agreed to talk. currently it is 8:00 pm my time. Well I will stayed connected tomorrow morn so that we can chat. Oh and by the way...zions fell through. surprise surprise....sketchy!

Turley's said...

Hi Megan!! Just trying to leave you a message.. Love, Janet

meg said...

Janet - nice work! I'm soo proud of you!!! I'm working on being a better blogger - tell the Turley's congrats on a baby girl... I KNEW IT :)