Friday, January 25, 2008

The local markets

Today was freezing! However, it's okay, because the rain has held off for a few days. We went back to Spitalfields Market today. It's one of the many bustling markets here. Spitalfields is filled with rows of fun dresses, purses, food, t-shirts, jewelry, and all of it's extremely unique! We found a fun little sandwich booth and bought lunch.

After Spitalfields, we got on the tube and made it over Oxford Circus. Oxford Circus has so many fun shops! The biggest Nike Town, Urban Outfitters, H&M, and TOPSHOP (The funnest store to shop in here) are all right next to each other. I actually got tired of shopping. I didn't make any purchases today, I'm holding out for the weather to get a little warmer.

Tonight, me, Liz, Kristen, and Sarajane snuck into the kitchen and made cookie dough! It was so much fun. We couldn't find brown sugar, so we ran around the corner, and purchased what we thought was brown sugar. The Local Food&Wine does not have brown sugar, they have brown sugar cubes for coffee. We still made it work!Secretly making cookie dough in the mini kitchen upstairs. Actually, the cooks here gave us all the ingredients they had, we just had to grab a few things. I agree, pictures of the market would be much more fun to look at, but I accidentally left my cameras home. I'm usually the one with a camera around here.


Jessica said...

Yesterday I tried a Galaxy chocolate bar that my brother had sent from England. It was amazing! It might just kick Cadbury out of first place! I'm sure that you are never lacking delicious treats but you should try one sometime if you haven't already. Also, the cookie baking looked like so much fun. I'm sure they were delicious if you had any part in making them! :-)

meg said...

you lucky girl! I have had a bite of galaxy chocolate, it is a favorite around here!!! And you're right, unfortunately I am never lacking delicious treats!