Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Camden Town

After class today, I decided to venture out on one of London's famous double decker buses. Ann and I got on the 27 to Chalk Farm, where there is supposedly a huge grocery store (one of the biggest in London) and some fun shopping. We were almost there when the bus line was forced to end because of last weekends fire in Camden. I ended up walking all through Camden Town and saw a lot of the damage caused by the fire.Me and Ann on the double.The Tube Station at Camden Town - now under construction after last weekend.
From the LondonTelegraph:

...Police have said that parts of Camden Town, in the north of the city, will be closed for three or four days as engineers inspect buildings in the area for structural damage. It is not known when the market will reopen for business.
The fire raged for three hours before the London Fire Brigade (LFB) declared it had been controlled.
Storage areas for the famous market took the brunt of the fire damage, along with popular local pub the Hawley Arms - a regular haunt for musicians such as Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse....

Damage is estimated at over 50million pounds

If you want cheap food of any cuisine - Camden Town is the place to go.

Several parts of Camden are blocked off for the next week or so, as the details of the fire are worked out. After we wandered through these streets we walked up Chalk Farm road, and didn't see anything too exciting, so we got on the tube and road it over to High Street Kensington. Our original plan turned out to be quite the adventure, and it was so much fun!


Britt said...

Way to go and check out one of the relevant issues of today! Well done.

kristen said...

dude, i love ann and i love you!

MISS RANDI said...

Oh my gosh. I am so excited that your mother and Britt are coming to see you this weekend. You guys are going to have so much fun. Well...
HAPPY VALENTINES!! I hope you get a kiss from a hottie London boy!
Love you girl. We need to talk soon.