Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Runnymede, Windsor Castle, and Stoke Podges

It's Wednesday, so that means group trip! Today we went about twenty minutes out of the city and made our first stop at Runnymede, from there we headed to Windsor Castle where I spent most of the day, and finished it off with a stop at Stoke Podges. We crammed a lot in, but it was awesome!When we were first got out at Runnymede, one of the professor's little kids ran out into this huge field, and I thought it looked like a perfect picture opportunity!It would have been nice to know that we were going to be trekking through the mud to get up to a monument. Our shoes and pants got soo muddy!The first group picture we've ever taken! And now I know why...We hiked up to this monument which is dedicated to the British Royal Air Force. Their motto: With difficulty, through the stars.Meg and Sojlaroo at Runnymede!Windsor Castle is huge!! Driving up to it was the best view because it's soo big. Once I was up next to it, it was impossible to see it all together. I got to go inside where I saw how the Kings and Queens used to live and entertain. These days, the Queen comes to stay here usually on the weekends, and she enjoys spending her summer holiday here. While the Queen loves her Windsor Castle, she prefers her Castle in Scotland (I would too, obviously). This is the "backyard" view of Windsor, which overlooks Eton College.Me and Betsy just outside the castle. So excited to be in London!This is Stoke Podges, home of the poet Thomas Gray. He wrote the famous poem Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, which happens to be about this churchyard! I know it really is so exciting, just take a deep breath. Me, Sarajane, Amanda, Kaitlyn, and Alyssa in Stoke Podges just outside the church. We went on a beautiful walk while we were in Stoke, along the Thames River, a very very calm side of the Thames.


Jessica said...

Your pictures are stunning! You definitely have a way with the camera!!! I just wanted to wish you a happy valentines day! Hopefully you are doing something exciting to celebrate! Have fun with your mom and sister!