Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dinner and a Movie!

The other night we went to the Old Coronet Theatre, the oldest movie theatre in London. It's the movie theatre in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant wears his swimming goggles while Julia Roberts is eating popcorn at the theatres. It has to be the best place I've ever seen a movie! Before we left, we had Indian food at the Centre. I've grown to love Indian food being here in London because you can get it everywhere! It is so good!The Old Coronet Theatre!Me and Kaitlyn!A common occurrence for me: melted chocolate on my clothes. Mmm..please pass the Tatziki sauce.We ate off of banana leaves, and used our hands to eat the food. I don't know where that fork came from.


Adam said...

Indian food will not be brought into our home!!!!!
It smells of death!!!!!

meg said...

hahaha! adam all I have to say to you is Wow, so watery... and yet with a smack of ham!