Saturday, April 12, 2008

Loving London and Friends!

Today was the last Saturday that all the girls are here in the center together. We decided at the beginning of the semester we would splurge one night for dinner and go somewhere really fun! Tonight we went to Beach Blanket Babylon - a swanky, cosmo, hoppin restaurant/bar. The food was delicious (it reminded me of eating out with the fam), and so was the atmosphere! Earlier today Kaitlyn and I went out with our cameras to get some shots of London, and work on our final conceptual art projects. We didn't let the random bursts or rain, and hail ruin our plans, we charged through London anyway! Rocky and I have also been working on a few of our art projects as well. It's a good thing I have two cameras...because I use them all the time! I've made so many awesome life long friends here, I feel so lucky! A lot of these pictures are for final projects I am working on, and the other ones are from dinner. I had such a good time today, and after finals next week, we plan to do a little bonvoyage London party. I am really excited for my parents to get here too!


Jessica said...

Miss Megan, you are looking lovely and fashionable as always!

Anonymous said...

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