Friday, March 7, 2008


Last night I went and saw Wicked! Once again, we got front row seats the day of the show. The seats couldn't have been better. It's playing at the Apollo Victoria theatre, and it's absolutely huge! This Wicked definitely has a London flare about it, and I loved it!The theatre!This is the curtain, we were so close!Just before the play was about to start. Liz, Me, Soj, and Vanessa (she's a friend of Soj's, who is visiting London.)Riding the tube home. I really enjoyed the play, and I feel like seeing another one tomorrow night!


Britt said...

You'll have to send me a postcard from your new home on the West End.

But seriously, I'm glad you've gotten to see so many plays!! Cute pic of you and Liz.