Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Day of Adventure

Today after history class, Liz and I conquered a few more walks about London. We took the bus to Chalk Farm, and from there we walked until we found our way to Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is another posh area of London where many famous Londoners live. The Hill overlooks the city, and more closely Regents Park. I walked all throughout the park, passed the London Zoo, and along Regents. Primrose Park used to be part of the great chase appropriated by Henry VIII. We had such a great time enjoying peppermint tea and sitting on a bench, as we did some serious people watching. This is Primrose Hill...actually this is part way down Primrose Hill.Yeah for spring and flowers!There is a reason for this picture: this Perrier that I'm holding was never purchased. I was in a little grocery store trying to grab something for lunch, and as usual, I was indecisive and could not choose what to get, but, I did know that I wanted that drink so I just set it in my purse. When I realized that I didn't want anything from there for lunch, I walked out, got on the bus to Primrose, and two minutes later found a nice cold Perrier in my purse! I need to go back and pay for it!Primrose flowers in Primrose Hill.Regents Park.This is in Regents Park along the stream that flows through the center of it.

Tonight, the criminology class, and anyone else who was interested (which was me) went on the Jack the Ripper Tour! Scary! We met at Tower Hill tonight, just as it started to rain, and proceeded to make several stops throughout the creepy parts of London. We saw where many of his victims were found murdered, the where abouts of where he possibly lived, and lots of other creepy sites!Welcome to scariness.I don't know what's more scary...the tour, or my bangs. This is a freaky pub near Spitalfields Market, the area and pub where Jack the Ripper is believed to have met his fifth and final victim.


Mummy said...

You little thief!!! I raised you better. Cute smile though.

Britt said...

Sounds like a fun tour and a fun day!