Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tower of London, the Prime Meridian, and Billy Elliot

It was another busy day for me in London! This morning the group met at the Tower of London. Since I've already been there before, me and a few other girls made a rather quick pass through. My favorite part of the castle is most definitely the crown jewels, and the beefeaters of course. I hung out in the Tower Hill area for awhile and got some lunch, and then headed to Greenwich. Greenwich is home to the Prime Meridian Royal Observatory. The White Tower, also the most famous tower within the Tower of London. On the hill in Greenwich overlooking the National Maritime Museum and more of England. The Royal Observatory. GMT is mean solar time, with midday defined as the time at which the sun crosses the Greenwich Meridian, 0 degrees longitude. I'm standing in both the Western and Eastern Hemisphere!Hanging out in Greenwich!Me and Soj trying to decide which hemisphere we like better. This is the clock which overlooks the Royal Observatory.

I got home just in time for dinner. We had Indian food tonight, which I have decided I really like! Right after dinner a bunch of us decided to dress up and went to Billy Elliot. I saw another great play tonight! Off to Billy Elliot in Victoria Square!Me and Soj at intermission. We all got front row seats!


Jessica said...

I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I'm glad you are still enjoying yourself over there! My mom and I are going to lunch with your mom and sister tomorrow. I wish you could come with! Have a fun weekend okay?

Britt said...

You should maybe look into seeing some theater while you're over there...oh wait.

Gorgeous pics. But did you take any by the life-size replicas of horses in the armory room and perhaps adopt the pose of any of the horses?