Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rain drops keep fallin' on my head

Today for one of my art classes, we went and hung our 'graffiti' posters that we made on Brick Lane. At least we tried too. My professor thought that a certain wall on a bridge allowed anyone to display art on it or near it - he was wrong. Just as I was taping up my poster, the London police came and questioned us , saying that we needed to immediately take down our art or else we would be arrested. We took it down obviously, and therefore were unable to have an art opening of our own. That's okay though, because I didn't even want to have an art show to be honest. Does this look like someone that could get arrested?
The famous Brick Lane.

I decided as long as I'm on a play high, I may as well go to Grease tonight! Me, Kaitlyn, Betsy, and Hannah left early to the Piccadilly Theatre to see if we could get tickets. They sold us the very best seats in the house (normally 75 pounds, for a student price of 20 pounds)! It's always fun to see a play when you know all of the songs that are in it! Me and Hannah did not plan this, sadly, this is what happens when you only have a limited amount of clothes at your disposal.We go together like shanananananananana dippity doop doo bop
Grease Lightnin'!
Yes, this is me, and Danny Zuko. We may have talked for a little bit after the show!
Us girls with Sandy!


Britt said...

Maybe you should look into a career as a professional theatre critic!!

You look so cute in your red pants!!!