Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bath, Stourhead, Exeter, and Stonehenge

It feels like I've been gone from the centre much longer than just a few days because I saw so so much on our most recent excursion! Yesterday we went to Bath, The Dart Moors, had a great nights sleep at a local YHA, and this morning went to Stourhead, Stonehenge, and Salisbury, and then made our back home. Welcome to Bath!This is the main bath, there are smaller baths on both sides.
Apparently this is what the men wore way back when it they went to the baths.Stourhead, England. Part of Pride and Prejudice was filmed here, it is absolutely beautiful!I spent an hour just walking all throughout the estate, that has now been turned into a National Park.Stourhead.Mike, Liz, Soj, Me, Alyssa, Ann, Kaitlyn, and Betsy enjoying the walk through the park.Enjoying some more Stourhead.Stourhead.Seeing Stonehenge was most definitely a highlight for me! Stonehenge rocks are exactly this big. Me and Liz hanging out on the bus, except for that we didn't because I was sleeping.


Britt said...

Yes, I've "hung out" with a sleeping Meg on many a bus/car/train/plane ride! Looks like you had fun, way to grope the mannequin.

betsy broadwater said...

you need to check my blog because i posted a memorable picture of us...

you are such a valiant blogger...i'm very impressed with your pretty blog.

p.s. have you seen the missing casseroles?

Todd and Melissa said...

Megan I know i am a blog stalker but I was excited when I found yours! You look so good! It looks like you are having so much fun in London! I am jealous.