Sunday, February 3, 2008

The rest of Paris - literally

If you didn't get enough of Paris from those pictures, hopefully this will do the trick! Some more museums, paintings, sculptures, and more! Thursday morning started off at the Arc De Triomphe (A patriotic focal point). The Arc was built from 1806-1836. It was built to glorify the armies of the Republic and the Empire.

ARC DE TRIOMPHEI don't remember it being this big the last time I was here!Climbing more and more stairs to get the top!At the top, overlooking the Champs. Isn't it such a beautiful day?Hannah and me at the top!

From there, we shopped on the Champs for a little bit. I got a few things I'm pretty excited about (thanks dad!). It started to rain so instead of taking the walk to the Louvre, we took the metro.

LE LOUVREThe Louvre triangle. Thanks Britt for the great directions and advice for getting around.There she is! Mona herself.Mona and me. We're such good friends.Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix The Winged Victory of Samothrace - this was my absolute favorite!The Dying Slave by MichelangeloVenus de Milo, and me hanging out together.Hammurabi Law Code - The text contains a list of crimes and their various punishments, as well as settlements for common disputes and guidelines for citizens' conduct. The Code does not provide opportunity for explanation or excuses.Napoleon III had an apartment that is part of Le Louvre. It reminds me of my own room.
I had a little fun of my own out in the courtyard of Le Louvre.So close! After we were done there, we headed to dinner and crepes.
One of the best parts of Paris was all of the great food! I got the best crepe ever inside this little shop. We were in the Latin Quarter of Paris, where As if crepes weren't enough for the night, Liz, Sarajane, and me went back to the Champs Elysees and into a store called Laduree. This store has incredible macaroons. The vanilla is by far the best flavor. The four in my hand were actually bought by the man in front of me in line. He overheard me say to Liz that the vanilla was my favorite, and they had five big vanilla ones left for the day (it was ten o'clock). He said to the lady he wanted all the vanilla she had left, and then bought them. Then, he gave them to me! What a nice man! I'm pretty sure it was a big roller like Armani or Valentino. What a great night in Paris!


Jessica said...

Your pictures are amazing. You are so organized! Today I talked to Katrina Redd and she was asking about you. I gave her the address for your blog. I'm sure that she will be very impressed! The sights look stunning! It looks like you found some delicious treats in Paris as well! It is always fun to look in and see how you are doing! I'm trying not to be jealous! I hope all is well! :-)

Britt said...

I am so touched, you saw everything on the Must See Louvre list!! Well done!

Of course you got free dessert, who wouldn't want to treat the cute girl with the big smile!? You are darling in all those pics!