Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Love Run

I ran the 10k Love Run today in Battersea Park! It was a such a gorgeous day to run, I didn't even need a jacket. There were about 2500 people who signed up for the race. The race started at 10, which was nice. Joe, one of my professors came with me and Kristen to cheer us on. The park runs along the river Thames, and is right near Chelsea Bridge. The course was three laps around the park. I'm not the biggest fan of laps when it comes to running a race - but it was such a fun time I didn't care! Kristen and me just before the race. The finishing point, even though it says START. Obviously, this is right after I finished. I couldn't see my time, but Joe said it was barely under 45 minutes. Running this race was such a fun experience!


MISS RANDI said...

Reg WAY TO GO IDAHO!!!! Holy toledo! Meg that was awesome. Your fam is at P-line right now. You did so awesome. Under 45....dang chica. K well you better slow down nelly. I love you. Have a good weekend. Lets talk this weekend. Do you have time tomorrow??? Let me know. Maybe after church or sometime after that.

Jessica said...

I swear I write on your blog too much but I had to say hello. We just made Valentines cookies to send to your brothers. It made me miss you so much! I hope you have had a great Sunday. Talk to you soon.