Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Art in the Park

Today I went out and did one of my art assignments for my Conceptual Art class. The assignment is to create something in nature, using only things found in nature or around the project. With the requirements in mind, I headed to the park. Because I like to run in the parks, I decided to incorporate foot prints into my project.

Luckily for me, it has recently rained, which made it easy for me to find foot prints. I used some newspaper that I found in the park, sticks, and leaves to fill up the shape of random footprints. For the footprint with sticks, I was quickly gathering all I could nearby because it was starting to rain. What I didn't realize is one of my 'sticks' was a worm. Gross! I hate worms.


kristen said...

A+ girlfriend! A+!

Britt said...

Hi, you're creative.