Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Sunny Saturday

This morning when I walked out the front door, it was so great to see the sun shining everywhere. It was still around 40 degrees, but at least it was sunny. We got on the tube, and got of at Westminster where we started off another walk. The Abbey is just across the street from Big Ben, and also a huge statue of William Churchill. We didn't have time to go in today, but it would have been a good day to go because not many tourists are here right now. However, we did go into St. Margaret's church.
Why would anyone want to go near this horse when there is a sign like this right next to him? Me, and a lot of other people apparently.

This is Portobello Street. On Saturdays there is a huge market that runs down it for more than a mile. There were so many neat things to look at and see. We didn't even walk down the whole street. It's not too far from where I live.

Here we are on the backside of the Abbey on our way the Imperial War Museum (don't get too excited) and St. George Cathedral.

Here we are at the front gates of Buckingham Palace, and yes the queen was in! How do I know? Because the flag on top of the building was up and waving proudly, when it's not up, the Queen is not in. Everything about the Palace is grand, including the journey up to it.

This is me and Sarajane with our maps en route to the Prime Minister's home.

Nothing like a night out in London! Actually, we finished our last walk tonight, and then walked all around Covent Gardens, and through to Picadilly Square. It was a lot of fun, the streets were filled with people either headed to pubs or plays. We did neither of those, but we did eat some great Italian food at a fun restaurant called Zizzi's.

Every great city has to have a ChinaTown.

These are our happy faces, celebrating the fact that all eight walks are done!


Britt said...

I am so glad you found and sampled Ben's. Milk chocolate heaven.

Also, unless the PM looks like Hugh Grant, why were you finding his house? To see if he dances around, perhaps? Good call.