Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hyde Park Stake, South Kensington Branch, Spanish/Portuguese speaking

Today was quite the adventure. We were all told where we'll be attending church, and I am attending the South Kensington Branch Spanish/Portuguese one with one other girl. Church is from 12:30-3:30, and so we left an hour early to make sure we could find it on time. It's a good thing we did, because we had two changes to make on the tube in order to get there, and two of the major lines were closed for maintenance today. On our second change, we stepped onto the wrong platform which ended up taking us right back to where we had just been (at High Street Kensington Station). We realized when the tube started going in the exact direction we'd just come from once we were on it. That was about a half an hour delay.

We finally got to church, where the Branch President had us come up in sacrament as he introduced us. He was speaking Portuguese (he's from Portugal, which sounds different from Brazilian Portuguese) so I have absolutely no idea what he said. I really enjoyed sacrament. After sacrament, we met with el Presidente, and I got a calling. Right now, they have no one in the branch who can play the piano in Relief Society, but they do now. Carlitos Illuera gave me the calling with two hymn books, one in each language. During Sunday School, I'm going to be in primary. It should be a great experience.

Relief Society was all in Portuguese this week, which means next week it will be in Spanish. I sat next to a sweet lady named Maria. She is from Spain, and is living here working at Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's is like Rite Aid, they're all over here. She works all the time, but her favorite part of the week is church and she travels quite a ways to get there. We planned to sit by each other from now on in Relief Society so we can get to know each other and she will help me with Spanish, although she doesn't know English, which is perfect! The lesson was on Joseph Smith and the first vision - luckily I've heard it enough, it was okay that I didn't understand.

I was really surprised to see how happy everyone was at church and how friendly they were with several nationalities under one roof, in one meeting. Today was a great experience, but I have to admit three hours of not really knowing what's being said, is a long time. Good luck twins!!


Britt said...

That is so great! You will do such a great job there...your Spanish will improve and you'll have a good opportunity meet other Church members. I'm sure you'll touch them with your testimony and yours will grow too. I'm so happy for you--what a wonderful experience.

megcornelius said...

thanks britt!! i always know i can count on you to read my blog!! don't worry, i'll be featuring a segment dedicated to you - all in good time.

Adam said...

What up Megs? So I have a puppy named Lloyd, he keeps me awake but he's well worth it. Britt sent you some pics. Sounds like you'll learn some Espanish. Nachoooooo! Anywho email me at shredded84@yahoo or adammcornelius@gmail. Love you tons and Lloyd says hello.

megcornelius said...

Adam!!! What's the deal... you get a puppy once I leave? Were you trying to hurt me? Anyway, congrats on lloyd. i hear he is cute. does he have a kennel? does he bark? will he still be small in 3 months? thanks for the email addresses... you know mine -

MISS RANDI said...

REGINATOR!! You look like you are having a blast! I MISS YOU! Have you done any clothes shopping yet? Freakin write me back ho! I look forward to your emails everyday. I just thought I would give my london chic a shout out...I have to get back to homework though. toodles! :) How are the Euro men? Any potentials?
Bytheway...I cannot believe that Ad got a dog right after you left. You are going to LOVE Lloyd. I went over and saw him on Sunday night. It was fun to see the fam. They miss you. Hopefully he will stay small nough before you get back to the casa. Love ya girl!