Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Canterbury, Rye, and Beachy Head

The Canterbury Cathedral

Fieldtrip!!! Today was so much fun! We left the Centre really early, and loaded our coach en route to Canterbury. What's at Canterbury? Glad you asked. It's an ancient city, more than 2000 years old. The Canterbury Cathedral, contains a thousand year record of English culture and achievement. Canterbury has been the fountainhead of English Christianity and also the murder of Thomas Becket. Ever heard of the Canterbury tales? Those are the tales the Pilgrims made on their pilgrimage to Canterbury. In the Cathedral is a spot marked where Thomas Becket fell.

Inside the Cathedral

Stained glass window... with the sun actually shining through!

What's in Rye? Just a quaint little town; cobble streets paths, a small community, and a few very old churches. This was such a fun stop. We just walked around the streets and enjoyed the view. There are only about seven streets. Mermaid Street was my favorite.

Up a random alley way- Meg, Betsey, Kristen, Sarajane, Michelle, Amanda, and Liz

Mermaid Street.
A sad attempt at clicking our heels on the cobble streets of Rye.
The edge of Rye, behind me is endless countryside.

The place where the White Cliffs are highest is at Beachy Head. It rises 530 feet above the English Channel, the rock is chalk so it's always crumbling.
Sarajane and Me.
In 2000, a huge chunk of the Cliffs just crumbled into the sea...even if you are not right on the edge, it's still can be very dangerous.

Yes, this is me scaling the White Cliffs of Beachy Head! Impressed?


Maxfield Family said...

Hi. I hope this isn't lame that I'm commenting, but I found your blog through my sister, Betsy Broadwater. It is so cute, and I loved seeing the pics of London since she HAS NOT POSTED ANY on her blog! Tell her to get on it!

I'm coming to visit her in March. Hope to meet you!

megcornelius said...

Hey thanks!! I'm glad that you like the blog. It's definitely a work in progress. We're having so much fun here. That's exciting that you are coming out here. You're going to love it. Betsy is soo much fun!

Britt said...

I love the pic of narcoleptic Meg on the train/bus...a very familiar sight to me!

You look like quite the climber!

David said...

And you thought blogging would be lame.... look at you you're a pro now! I love it. Looks like the G9 is working out for you. Love ya!
(It says david but this is really catherine)