Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oxford Football Game

Yesterday a bunch of us went to the Oxford and Cambridge football game. It was down off the Putney Bridge stop in Fulham. The tickets we got were in the 'mixed section' of the crowd, which made it really fun! There were Oxford and Cambridge alumni sitting all around in their bright suit jackets and scarves. I should have known that it was going to rain, it always rains! Luckily, most of the stadium was covered, but it still was cold! Jen, Alyssa, Alysia, Me, Liz, and Britnee before we left for the game. Go Oxford!
It took me all of two seconds once I sat down before I was really cold.
Cambridge is the light blue team, and Oxford the navy blue team. Getting warm at half time. Check out the guy in the background, he's Cambridge alumni and proud of it.#9, Toogood was my favorite player-I'm pretty sure he looked at me after I yelled his name!

Cambridge won 5-3. They scored those last two goals within the last two minutes of the game. After the game there was a boat race down the Thames. It too was between Cambridge and Oxford. I was shocked to see what a big deal the boat race was. We were too cold and not prepared to wait for three hours for the race to start, so unfortunately I didn't stay. It was still quite the experience!


Britt said...

You look very cute in all your Oxford stuff! Maybe next time you should eat a lucky hobnob, so that they'll WIN.