Sunday, March 23, 2008

EASTER Sunday!

Today I woke up to snow in London on Easter! Instead of walking through the freezing cold park, Betsy and I decided to figure our the bus schedule to Exhibition Road where the church is. About an hour later, and two bus changes later, we were probably farther away from where we needed to be than when we began. It was definitely an adventure. After sacrament, I went to St. Paul's Cathedral and went to Easter EvenSong. St. Paul's was a great experience, and very different from anything I've ever been to!Mom and Dad: this is one of two Easter dresses you got me - Thanks! The other one is much cuter. Once I went outside, I realized my church outfit needed a major makeover; socks, boots, jacket, and an umbrella.I met Liz at the front of St. Paul's just before the program. We sat on the front row even though it was absolutely packed. The choir made their way out of the Cathedral after Mass, around the side of St. Paul's.St. Paul's.



Britt said...

We missed you today! You look gorg!

Jess said...

I am so jealous that you are living in London. I'm also excited to see you when you get home! I'm glad that you found us! Have so much fun!

Jessica said...

I love your Easter dress; you are looking stylish as always! I hope you had a happy Easter girl!