Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another day of F.U.N.

I had a long list of things I planned on accomplishing today, like going to the bank, the post office, returning something, homework, and a few loads of laundry. I must admit - absolutely none of that got done. Instead, I went after breakfast to St. Martin's Theatre with some girls and purchased tickets to Mousetrap. It's in Leicester Square, which is next to Covent Garden, which means lots of shops and surprises. On my way home from getting tickets, Betsy and I ran into a unique little bead shop and ended up spending three hours making even more unique London charm bracelets! We were proud of ourselves for being so spontaneous. I was proud of myself for having the patience to finish the bracelet.Sometimes, when you don't plan on making a bracelet beforehand, you're not showered and ready for the day.I know, it looks like a million bucks.Let's play a game - how many times can Meg drop her beads? Answer: twice. The sad part is my bracelet didn't even entail the use of beads.The finished product! Each charm has a special meaning or memory of London.

Tonight we went to Mousetrap. It's London's longest running play ever (yes I've heard this before, but this one has been running 56 years), and was written by Agatha Christie. I really enjoyed it, as I do all murder mysteries.Britnee, Alysia, Amanda, Kaitlyn, Me, Liz and Betsy at Mousetrap.


Britt said...

You went "beading" without me? Or "charming" without me, I guess. I AM proud...last time I made anything with beads it was with you at String Beads...in 1994. I love the bracelet.