Friday, February 29, 2008


Our day trip this week was to Shakespeare's birthplace. Stratford is about three hours outside of London. We left bright and early, and pulled up to Anne Hathaway's (Shakespeare's wife, not the actress unfortunately) cottage around 10. We took a tour of her home. Although they were married, Shakespeare worked and lived in London, and she remained in their home town. After a tour of her cottage (which took all of 1 minute), we went to Shakespeare's birth home. In case you were wondering, Shakespeare was born in 1564. Soj, Me, and Liz, just around the corner from Anne Hathaway's cottage.Liz, Kaitlyn, Soj, Me, and Alysa in the garden of Anne Hathaway's and Shakespeare's.Shakespeare's home.Inside Shakespeare's birth home. Me and Soj having such a great time!

The entire town thrives on Shakespeare's life, and all the tourists who come to pay tribute to the legendary playwright. After I walked around the town, we met at one of the theatres there and saw Henry IV. I'm going to be honest, it may have possibly been the longest play I've ever seen. Also, I brought my camera, but left the battery charging in the wall, so I got these pictures from other people. I hate not having my camera with me! Oh well, it was probably good to give it a day off!


Britt said...

Just so you know, I put my iPod in during a Moliere play in Paris...